Rehydrate® Tablets

Rehydrate Active Hydration is based on the isotonic balance used when canines come to the hospital suffering from dehydration. These tablets encourage dogs to stay well hydrated in order to help counteract the effects of fatigue, muscle soreness and lethargy.

The effervescent tablets dissolve into your dog’s drinking water to create an isotonic solution that mimics the ion levels found in the blood stream. It rebalances the system referred to as Fluid Osmolality and helps to optimize circulation, flush out toxins, regulate body temperature and allows the body to repair itself while promoting recovery. Infused with natural flavor, electrolytes, vitamins and minerals, Rehydrate "Active Hydration" is ideal for dogs that walk, hike, run, or jog with their owner, compete and/or love to hunt.

The truth is that all dogs could benefit from Rehydrate "Active Hydration". Dogs that weigh 20 lbs or less should be consuming 8 oz (1 glass) for every 5 lbs - so a 10 lb dog needs 16 oz of water, 15 lb dog needs 24 oz of water, or 20 lb dog needs 32 oz of water. Dogs that are over 20 lbs should consume 1 oz per pound. This would equate to a 40 lb dog needing 40 oz of water. That is on non-active days. It is imperative that owners encourage our canine companions to stay healthy and hydrated. Water is the essence of life and Rehydrate strives to entice water intake and promote a healthy lifestyle.